A wide variety of emulsions and bitumen


Nouryon offers a wide range of emulsifiers for different types of asphalt emulsions. It also offers several options for producing WARM MIX (reduced temperature) asphalt. Our bonding improvers increase adhesion of your bitumen emulsion or asphalt mixture.

Well-known products with the brand names Wetfix®, Redicote® and Rediset® have been providing high-quality bitumen emulsions and asphalt mixtures with a long product life worldwide for many years.


  • Hot/warm mix
  • Hot applied surface dressing/chip seal
  • Cutback applications
  • Patch mix and more


As an alternative to formulations based on naphthenic bitumen, Redicote offers several solutions for emulsions based on standard bitumen, such as Emulsion Asphalt Concrete. We also offer an innovative technology for COLD MIX formulas, allowing you to use local types of crushed stone and recycling materials. Redicote is suitable for a wide variety of emulsions and bitumen including polymer modified all-weather bitumen.


  • Primer and adhesive layer
  • Fog and slurry seal
  • Surface dressing/chip seal
  • Micro surfacing
  • Cold mix
  • Cold recycling and more


  • Minimise environmental impact with warm mix
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • Make easy use of locally available resources
  • Improves mix with recycled asphalt

Rediset® LQ and Wetfix®

Rediset® LQ and Wetfix® warm mix additives have the unique property of combining low temperature production with improving the adhesion between crushed stone and the bonding agent. This allows you to produce at lower temperatures, transport the asphalt further or add cold recycling material if necessary, without losing the final asphalt quality.


  • Mix with high content of RAP or cold RAP
  • Mixtures that are difficult to compact
  • Extend or improve the processability of the mixture

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