Natural asphalt modification. For increased performance characteristics.


Gilsonite® is safe, natural and cost-effective, creating unprecedentedly strong asphalt.

American Gilsonite® is a naturally mined hydrocarbon rock that gives tremendous strength and durability to asphalt roads, greatly extending their life.

According to the cost/performance ratio, this makes Gilsonite® the most effective material to achieve the most sustainable asphalt structures.

The important benefits of Gilsonite®:

  • Excellent resistance to asphalt fatigue.
  • Superior resistance to deformation
  • Less thick road surface needed
  • Less sensitive to temperature changes
  • Increased resistance to water stripping

Natural Gilsonite® has tremendous health and environmental benefits over synthetic products or oxidized bitumen asphalt, which is carcinogenic. This means there are no special safety requirements associated with working with Gilsonite®.

The sustainable solution

  • Extends road surface life from 10 to 25 years on average
  • Non-toxic or carcinogenic and sulphur-free
  • 20% less material required for same road strength
  • Allows you to use more recycled asphalt in your mix

Gilsonite® HMA - HStabit

Natural asphalt modification: For asphalt with increased performance characteristics. 

Available in:

  • Melting bags of 5 - 25 kg.
  • BigBags of 1000 kg. 
  • Silo

HStabit RS

Gilsonite® granules: 

  • Easy handling and dosing
  • BigBags

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