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Cellulose pellets. Economical and reliable.

JRS Solutions

JRS Solutions' plant cellulose fibers are used in particular in ZOAB and SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt), but also for realising noise-reducing overlays. Non-drip properties ensure a completely homogeneous asphalt mixture. Optimal distribution in the mix is reached quickly because the pellets are coated with bitumen. The high quality standard guarantees continuous and consistent asphalt production.


  • High quality pellets based on plant cellulose fibers
  • Highly efficient and high stabilising effect through 3D fiber networks
  • Economical asphalt production without dry pre-mixing time.
  • Automatic dosing possible using big bags or silo systems


Viatop Premium and Viatop 66 are our most popular products. Additionally, you can contact us for the other Viatop products:

  • Viatop plus AD 10
  • Viatop plus C 25
  • Viatop plus CT 40
  • Viatop plus CT 80-AC
  • Viatop plus FEP
  • Viatop plus RC

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